For building castles in air will never give you the fruit. If you want to own good marks, there is no better way than to earn them.

Indeed we people get a limited amount of time and thus we want efficient utilization of that. Having the right approach is what will lead you towards prosperity. It is mandatory for you to maintain poise and not just work hard but smart.

Your marks in any examinations that you take play a pivotal role in shaping your career. Indeed they are not the only elements that will make or break it but anyways you need to score to prove your caliber to people. These days’ students have to appear for n number of exams. Might they be your school curriculum, entrances exams etc.

So here we go with how to effectively and efficiently prepare for you exams that will make you pass with flying colors.

1 Manage your time: You are the best judge of your own self. Only you know which subjects you find difficult and which ones are a cake walk for you.

Prepare a time table (More time to the difficult ones and lesser to the easy ones). Be sure that you include sufficient breaks in your time table. As you are very well acquainted with your fatigue level. Do not take an overdose of studies because in that case your brain will not be able to grasp all the knowledge. Also it is preferable not to study two or more difficult subjects in one go. Instead go for the combination of one difficult and one easy.

2 Perseverance a bliss, Procrastination a curse: Regularity is a must for a student. Once you have made your time plan, make sure you follow it strictly. Procrastination always makes students bear and the brunt of it, on the contrary perseverance always pays off. Once we start delaying stuffs, they gets piled up and then we be in no mood of studying entire lots of it.

P.S: Prepare your time plan such and try to complete your syllabus in a way that you have enough time for revision.

An ideal situation is when your syllabus is complete 10days before the exams and then you give proper time to revising each and every subject during the preparatory leave.

3 Stay fit physically and mentally: Keep yourself hydrated. Drink as much of water as you can. Avoid junk food and switch to nutritious stuffs. You can add nuts like almonds and cashews to your diet. Increase your intake of proteins, drink milk have fruits, cereals and roughage.

A positive stress is cool but tensions on head can hamper your mental health. Exercise to keep your metabolism happy and your body active. Yoga and meditation can also be helpful.

At no cost abandon your sleep. A 6 hours nap is mandatory and you should not give up on it anyways. You can also have power naps during your study breaks. They can muster up your energy back.

4 Ambience: Keep your studying environment free of distractions. Keep your cell phone out of your reach and stay away from the grip of the cold hand of social media. Make sure you study in an aura most suitable for you. Some of us quite neat and clean environment, some prefer it with a little background music, a few people like it in the parks or greenery or whichever way you find the most appropiate. just be fully confident that the ambience push all your attention of concentration into your books.

5 Refer to: Refer to the study material that gets into the mind the easiest. Some of us find it easy to study via web notes and videos, while others can like it via notes, placards, diagrams and flow charts. Organize your notes, avoid redundant books and references. Make sure you do not overlap with notes.

One thing that can prove to be a great help is the previous years’ question papers and mock papers. Many a times fortune favors the students and a lot of questions come from those asked the previous years. Never skip the questions that are repetitively asked for the previous many years because they cover the most important topics of your chapters.

6 Make sure the time is your time: Both Studying early in the morning or till late at night have got their own advantages attached to them.

Studying early in the morning: You are rejuvenated after your 6 hours of sleep, waking up afresh and studying makes you understand the concepts much faster. You are not tired and the mess of the entire day has still not entered into you. So you start new and thus your mind can take even a high dosage easily.

Studying till late at night: We all know nights are way calmer than days. You can break the cliché of studying during the days and study in a calmer and a quieter environment. Another scientifically proven benefit of studying at night is that your topics will revolve around your mind even while you are asleep. You will be able to memorize things for a longer duration this way (Also books make you fall asleep quicker and nicer lol).

7 Introspect as to what kind of a person you actually are: It has been found by the researches that students differ in their choice of how they will be able to learn better. Some says they can do it well in group studies while the other says one cannot simply study when with friends and they prefer isolation when it comes to do it.

Both studying in a group and studying individually have their own benefits standing for them

Group Study: While with the bunch of friends, studying does not seem to be boring. Your friends can work on your weak points and you can help them in the same way. You can form memory aids, learn with playing games like riddles or marking each other on the basis of answers written. You will not be bored and thus will be able to study for a longer duration. Friends act as positive motivators for each-others and thereby not letting you give up on your studies even when you feel like.

(Only applicable to the bunch of friends who are really willing to study and not just pretending that they will)

Studying alone: Studying in isolation has got its own positives. While in silence you can concentrate better. You also do not need to chat with anyone and can just concentrate on your own strengths and weaknesses. You can study as much you want whether a large portion or a small one, without any reluctance from anyone else. There’s nobody to distract you and that is where you will be able to do it well.

8 Study in accordance with the subjects

Calculative: Never just go with reading the question and assuming that you know how to solve them when it comes to calculative subjects. Solve them on paper, unless you are actually able to, never believe that you can do them.

Languages: Have a firm grip over the grammar. Brush up your vocabulary. Understand the stories well. Be thorough with the names of the writers and the poets and this way you can crack it quick.

Theoretical: when it comes to theoretical subjects use flowcharts, diagram, tables etc. Pictorially represent as many topics as you can. They will scrape-extra marks for you.

When you are short of time you can opt for cramming. Be thorough with headings and you can write the content yourself. Practice the question that have preferably higher chances for being asked in the examinations. Do not skip the portion that carry higher weight-age.

How to prepare for exams?

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    How can we select correct material for a particular exam related to our career?

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